Integration with NEDAP AEOS access control

NEDAP AEOS - Integration with NEDAP AEOS access control

Central security management

In the last several years, the interest in smart security systems has grown dramatically. The typical Video Management Systems alone are no longer enough. Considering the actual circumstances, they are simply not covering all of the customer’s demands and expectations. That is why here, in GANZ CORTROL VMS, we focus on making the software compatible with others systems. Thus, the Video Management System fulfills its naturally dedicated workload, at the same time being able to communicate with external systems for immediate response and reaction.

Unified interface and proactive monitoring

GANZ CORTROL in both Premier i Global editions provides native, two-way integration with NEDAP AEOS access control system. During configuration process, CORTROL software gets the list of readers: CORTROL servers receive information about readers from access control system, and the readers can be linked with the appropriate doors in CORTROL Console configuration section. The events received from AEOS system can be used in VMS CORTROL for automatic execution of actions, once the rules are configured in Event&Action Manager. This is an example of automatic scenario: in case of unauthorized attempt of opening the door >> please display image from the camera linked with this door. Moreover >> please notify the operator by popup displayed and voice message.

In case of large scale systems, it is mandatory to use interactive maps visualizing the monitored areas, building’s layers etc., what significantly helps operator to quickly catch the situation and take proper actions. Interactive maps in VMS CORTROL can visualize the status of readers and doors by dynamic indicators, changing its colour and appearance, depending on actual state of component in access control system. Linking cameras with specific doors can offer additional functionality, for example changing the colour of camera’s indicator on map when received new event from access control.

CORTROLandNEDAP 1024x380 - Integration with NEDAP AEOS access control
The integration VMS CORTROL — NEDAP AEOS:  presentation of funtionality

The scope of integration

The integration in GANZ CORTROL VMS software includes all necessary features and functions needed in use and operation of NEDAP AEOS access control system. Following is the list of integrated features:

  • Door status: Open, Closed, Unlocked, Locked.
  • Door control: Temporary Open, Lock, Unlock.
  • All system events from access control (creating any macro/scenario with VMS actions, eg. popup with message in CORTROL).
  • All events from door controller (events generated by doors).
  • Interactive Maps: adding door indicators (icons) on maps, visualizing door status and enabling door control.
  • Dedicated [NEDAP] tab in CORTROL Client application:
    • List of events by system, doors, card holders (filtering, display image from camera linked to the event).
    • List of doors with its status, door control, live video from linked camera.
    • List of users (card holders), thumbnail photo, filtering events per specific users.

In addition, VMS CORTROL in able to recognize events (state of inputs) from InputGuard AEOS modules. In practice it may be used in the way that any rule/scenario might be programmed in VMS CORTROL in order to automatically execute assigned action whenever the input state of AEOS InputGuard has changed.