API Module


CORTROL VMS software offers you flexible and customizable integration with other software systems as a cross-platform CORTROL HTTP API.

With CORTROL VMS HTTP API you can implement tasks and actions of CORTROL VMS client/server functionality.

API module - API Module


Available based upon signed NDA, and for CORTROL Partners.


GANZ CORTROL HTTP API is HTTP URIs that allow interaction between 3rd party software and CORTROL servers. CORTROL HTTP API exposes a set of URIs that allow retrieving video live and archive streams in HTML5 compatible format, controlling PTZ, implementing external services and driving other funtions. CORTROL HTTP API allows flexible integration without any specific components required for communication with CORTROL servers.

API scheme small EN - API Module


  • Receive list of resources permitted for user account used
  • Retrieve live main and sub video streams in HTML5 compatible format
  • Retrieve archive video streams in HTML5 compatible format
  • Receive and transmit audio data
  • Stream Video and Audio to CORTROL VMS
  • Retrieve live and archived snapshots (JPEG)
  • An option for unauthorized access to public resources
  • Controlling PTZ, focus and presets
  • Trigger action on CORTROL servers
  • Receive CORTROL events
  • Push live data from 3rd party software (e.g. AC, POS, BMS, LPR, FR and others )
  • Retrieve 3rd party archive data via CORTROL Monitor application

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