VCA Module

Video Analytics

CORTROL VCA is a real-time video analytics engine powered by VCA technology, that utilizes advanced image processing algorithms to turn video into actionable intelligence.

At the core of the product is an advanced object tracking engine based on VCA Technology® that continually tracks moving and stationary targets.

The CORTROL software is highly effective in a wide range of surveillance situations involving people, vehicles and other objects. Comprehensive filters mean the system can recognize between behaviors appropriate to each surveillance scene. Easy to set up, CORTROL® GANZ Video Analytics automatically adjust to site conditions, making it ideal for both experienced and untrained personnel to use.

Alternative software setups can have up to 100 setup parameters solely to adjust to lighting conditions. Multiple overlapping detection zones and lines can be set, ensuring that no sight goes unseen and all information is on one screen. This is in conjunction with the supporting 3D scene perspective, which automatically recognizes between human and vehicle objects, while rejecting others. The rapid ‘learning time’ of just two seconds also means that images are detected and classified almost instantly.

VCA module - VCA Module
GANZ pb VCA horizontal 300x33 - VCA Module

Key features

DATA MINING for post event analysis and data management

VCA fits many market segments without modifications

Sensitive tracking with a low false alarm rate

Simple detection zone set-up

Analytics stabilization allows software to work effectively on swaying cameras

VCA is very easy and simple to configure even for installers with limited experience

VCA enabled encoder/camera can be used as a stand-alone intruder sensor or digital output contact can be set to react to specific triggers

Rapid 'learning time' of just a few seconds. Can be used with PTZ cameras – detection is suppressed during camera movement

VCA adapts automatically to varying lighting and weather conditions

Functionality comparison table

Video Analytics LicenseZNS-Counting-VCAZNS-Advanced-VCA
Number of detection zones & lines4040
Tamper detection
Camera shake elimination
Surveillance tracker
Presence filter
Enter/Exit, Appear/Disappear + Stopped filter
Object class and speed filters + 3D calibration
Direction and dwell filters
Tail-gating filter
Abandoned object filter
On-screen counters
Object meta-data
Counting lines

Important notice

CORTROL® software side VCA is compatible with any IP camera supported by CORTROL® VMS. In the same time CORTROL® VMS supports camera’s embedded VCA from the list of following manufacturers:


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