FAQ  (Frequently Asked Questions)

Find assistance and support through our online knowledge base of commonly asked questions about our GANZ CORTROL VMS security and video surveillance software , modules, camera support, product documentation and more.


What versions of CORTROL are available?
What are the strengths of CORTROL Premier?
What are the strengths of CORTROL Global?
What are the prerequisites for CORTROL?
Where do I download CORTROL Premier?
Should I download the 32bit or 64bit version of CORTROL Premier?
How do I install CORTROL Premier?
What cameras are supported by CORTROL ?
How do I install/add cameras to CORTROL ?
Does CORTROL support watermarking on exported video ?
How to use DCZ keyboard buttons for switching user-defined layouts?
Third party software compatibility issues
Conveniently transfer CORTROL® VMS Server settings to another server computer
Blackness instead of live video
Conveniently start two instances of CORTROL® VMS Client on dual monitor systems
Improve performance when receiving large images (typically 2 megapixels and larger) from network cameras
Low frame rate of Arecont Vision network cameras
How to submit a problem report from machine not connected to Internet?
How do I confirm watermarking on exported video from CORTROL ?
Does CORTROL support Date & Time Stamp on exported video ?
Does CORTROL support E-maps ?
Does CORTROL support email notifications ?
Does CORTROL support SMS notifications ?
What do I do if I'm having issues connecting with cameras ?
How do I get a camera to record when motion is detected ?
How do I add a CORTROL server to CORTROL mobile ?
How do I change my web server ports ?
How do I determine what version of CORTROL I’m using ?
Why can’t I connect to my CORTROL recording server ?
Can I add multiple CORTROL servers to CORTROL Mobile ?
Where are my snapshot images saved ?
Where are my exported video clips saved ?
Can I view live and recorded video at the same time ?
How do I create Layouts ?
Can I control my Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) cameras and use presets from CORTROL ?
How can I navigate through my recordings ?
How do I add additional users to CORTROL ?
Are there any differences between CORTROL Mobile for Android and for iOS ?
Can I use CORTROL Mobile without a 3G/4G/LTE data plan ?
How do I create user buttons ?
How do I stream from my mobile device camera ?