LPR Module

License Plate Recognition Software

CORTROL LPR (License Plate Recognition) Software for detecting, recognizing and registering vehicle license plates.

It offers a very high level of reading reliability, an intuitive installation process and great usability characteristics. CORTROL LPR Software is designed to work with CORTROL Premier & Global servers.

The software is ideally suited for vehicle access and traffic control, as well as enforcement applications. CORTROL also offers multiple customization possibilities for specific license plates and different types of transport (trains, cargo containers, etc)…

CORTROL LPR module key features

High performance recognition engine with low error rate

Multitude of supported IP and analog cameras

Simultaneous multiple video streams processing CORTROL Client

Easy to use User Interface for setup, monitoring and data retrieval

Other features

  • Quick and convenient search and browsing of registered licence plates
  • Efficient licence plate recognition with minimal error rate
  • Recognition of licence plates from many countries
  • Camera position adjustment
  • Recognition area adjustment to optimise system load
  • Lighting condition adaptive algorithm
  • Support for unlimited local and remote “allowed” and “restricted” lists
  • Interface to external applications and devices
  • Storage of recognised license plates and snapshots in the local or central database
  • No limit to the number of cameras that can be attached
  • Relies on CORTROL servers for live and recorded video streams
  • Process video streams from multiple CORTROL servers


Initial screen

CORTROL LPR initial 300x173 - LPR Module

General settings

CORTROL LPR general settings 300x173 - LPR Module

Edit Server

CORTROL LPR edit server 300x174 - LPR Module

Edit Channel

CORTROL LPR edit channel 300x166 - LPR Module

Supported countries

AL Albania
DZ Algeria
AR Argentina
AU Australia
AT Austria
AZ Azerbaijan
BH Bahrain
BY Belarus
BE Belgium
BO Bolivia
BA Bosnia Herzegovina
BR Brasil
BN Brunei
BG Bulgaria
CA Canada
CL Chile

CO Colombia
CG Congo
CD Congo D.R.
CR Costa Ric
HR Croatia
CZ Czech Republic
CU Cuba
DK Danmark
EG Egypt
EE Estonia
EC Ecuador
FN Finland
FR France
DE Germany
GE Georgia
GH Ghana

GR Greece
GT Guatemala
GG Guernsey
HK Hong Kong
HR Horvatia
HU Hungary
IN India
ID Indonesia
IR Iran
IE Ireland
IM Isle Of Man
IL Israel
IT Italia
JE Jersey
JO Jordan
KZ Kazakhstan

KP Korea, North
KR Korea, South
KW Kuwait
LV Latvia
LB Lebanon
LT Lithuania
LU Luxembourg
MK Macedonia
MY Malaysia
MX Mexico
MD Moldova
MC Monaco
NZ New Zeland
NL Netherlands
NG Nigeria
NO Norway

PK Pakistan
PY Paraguay
PE Peru
PH Philippines
PL Poland
PT Portugal
QA Qatar
RO Romania
RU Russia
SA Saudi Arabia
RS Serbia
SG Singapore
SK Slovakia
SL Slovenia
ZA South Africa
ES Spain

SE Sweden
CH Switzerland
TW Taiwan
TZ Tanzania
TN Tunisia
TR Turkey
UA Ukraine
GB United Kingdom
US United States
UY Uruguay
VE Venezuela
VN Vietnam

LPR generic hardware recommendations

Nr. of recognition streamsCPU modeRAM
1Intel i5 or Xeon >3,0Ghz 4 physical cores4GB
2Intel i7 or Xeon >3,0Ghz 4 physical cores With Hyper-Threading8 GB
4Intel i7/i9 or Xeon >3,0Ghz 8 physical cores With Hyper-Threading16 GB
6Xeon >3,0Ghz 12 physical cores with Hyper-Threading Single or Dual CPU systems24 GB
8Xeon >3,0Ghz 16 physical cores with Hyper-Threading Single or Dual CPU systems32 GB


The newest software version of CORTROL LPR Module is available in Software Downloads section.

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