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Article5 header 1 - Mobile application provides geotagged video

Mobile application provides geotagged video

CORTROL mobile application has many new exciting features like push event notifications, edge recording, live streaming using the phone's camera, never mention widgets and Chromecast support. Steady streaming from the phone's camera, together with the in-app edge recording, made the mobile application...

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Article3 header - FAILOVER - important redundancy feature

FAILOVER – important redundancy feature

A serious video management system cannot exist without fault tolerance mechanisms. CORTROL Global offers several redundancy features — database backup, management server mirroring, failover, fallback storage, replication, edge recording — which, by combined efforts, help to reduce disruption of the...

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Article2 header - Stream your video live on YouTube

Stream your video live on YouTube

Live video sharing is extremely popular and required everywhere, and there is no better provider of a video stream than a video management system :) With CORTROL VMS, you are just a few clicks away from going live with...

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