IP camera software Luxriot Evo, a Complimentary Edition

Luxriot Evo is an IP camera software complimentary version of the new-generation Luxriot Video Management System software

Delivering an outstanding quality performance, this security and video IP camera software and surveillance system supports over 4000 cameras from major producers and is ideal for use at homes or small offices with surveillance networks of nine cameras or fewer. The meticulously designed interface will allow any user to quickly understand the whole process of configuration and start using the Video Management System software.

Luxriot Evo is a free product, and so it does not fall under Luxriot technical support services and has a much shorter list of components. Should you need a more comprehensive functional or enterprise-level video management system solutions with complete surveillance ecosystem, please refer to more advanced versions of the software — Luxriot Evo S and Luxriot Evo Global.


Luxriot Evo Promo Video

Luxriot Evo Complimentary

Moving from VMS to Evo

Key features

64 bit core

No more limitations on application level — make use of the full capacity of your hardware with Luxriot’s Evo 64-bit core

Full HD resolution

As Complimentary Edition, this Luxriot Evo product has limitation to maximum resolution up to Full HD.

Remote Access

As Complimentary Edition, this Luxriot Evo product is limited to single simultaneous remote connection.

Streaming server

Get permanent access to live streaming and archive video, no matter where you are in the world. Luxriot Evo’s streaming server allows quick and easy access to your cameras via web browser and/or mobile application.


Monitor Playback

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Monitor Playback

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Monitor Playback

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Monitor Playback

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Luxriot EVO Complimentary version components

Luxriot Evo Monitor

Monitor live video and archives using this Luxriot Evo application.

Setup Wizard

User friendly Setup Wizard that allows quick and easy installation and configuration of Luxriot EVO software.

Luxriot Evo Console

Console allows administration of your Luxriot Evo server from anywhere in the world.


Active health monitoring application that makes sure that your system stays stable.

Other features

  • English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Czech, Polish, Russian, Hebrew, Hungarian, Chinese, Danish, Estonian, Finnish, Greek, Simplified Chinese, Turkish, Korean, Japanese and Dutch localizations
  • DATA MINING with smart search filters for all Analytics
  • Luxriot API/SDK (ClientKit)
  • License Plate Recognition (add-on product)
  • Broadcast Server for web and mobile clients
  • Video Analytics (add-on product) (people counting, car counting, object counting, intruder perimeter detection, direction filter, dwell filter, removed object detection, abandoned object detection, tailgating, calibration, camera shake cancellation, camera tamper detection, enter exit filters, stopping filter and more.
  • JPEG, MPEG2, MPEG4, H.264 video compressions
  • HTTP, RTP, RTSP, TFTP protocols
  • Certified ONVIF Profile S compliancy
  • 4K Ready
  • Chromecast support
  • Two-way audio for Audio enabled devices
  • Multicast for multicast enabled cameras
  • Support for multiple capture boards for hybrid installations
  • Video and Audio recording, playback and export. Export both remotely and locally
  • Full, time-lapse, motion-controlled, scheduler-controlled recording
  • SAN, DAS and NAS storage support (DAS support for Luxriot® VMS servers)
  • Multiple monitors support
  • Extensive user/group permissions control
  • Web access from IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari browsers
  • Mobile Applications for Android and iOS devices
  • PTZ control by Joystick and CCTV Keyboard
  • Bandwidth, FPS and resolution control


Luxriot Mobile Evo Edition

For use with Luxiot Evo server

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